Nitmiluk Gorge Descent 4 Day Paddle



We Paddle from above the Gorge and spend a day on the Katherine River in an otherwise unseen part of Nitmiluk Park, (except on our treks).

Negotiating the Gorge is physically demanding as there are times when we have to portage everything out of the Gorge-along the top-and then back-into the Gorge.  A greater part of the trip is spent lifting and dragging over the many large rock-bars which separate each of the individual gorge sections.

THE REWARDS; Complete serenity; we are alone in this wild area, just the running water, the call of the Peregrine Falcon and the scuttling of small marsupials through their rocky abodes.  Sounds echo off the walls and the murmuring of water seems to sound like the memories of the ancient Jawoyn people, spending their time fishing and telling stories of their spirits from Burr (creation time).

Cost:  $1150pp

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